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Sunday Best X MMN Creations

2 Stories, 1 God

On June 4th, 2021, Payton was involved in a tragic car accident. On September 20th, 2021, Makayla was injured in a backyard tumbling accident. As a result Makayla & Payton are now quadriplegics. Each of them have their own beautiful testimony of how the same amazing God has performed miracles in their story.

We believe He has big plans ahead of them!

Choosing Happiness..

Everyone has a story and a season where life is hard. In those moments you have a choice. The easy choice is to be angry and sad with the world and your situation but the difficult choice of choosing happiness can make all the difference.

After Payton's accident, waking up in the hospital she would tell herself, "I choose happy today", she realized how much better her day was when she chose to focus on the good things God has done instead of the bad that has happened.

God is with us even in our darkest moments. He is working and doing good because He is good! Having a "Choose Happy" mindset isn't always easy, but God can make good out of the bad.

Both Makayla & Payton have chose to lean onto God and focus on all the good He has done and continues to do.

MMN CREATIONS - Dallas, Texas

Myriah & Makayla

Myriah and Makayla Noble are the owners of MMN Creations. After Makayla's accident the two sisters started this business to point people towards the Lord. This will always be their only mission for their business.

Makayla's Story

SUNDAY BEST - Tomah, Wisconsin

Jordyn & Payton

After Payton's accident, Sunday Best owner, Jordyn, started selling bracelets to raise money to help with her sister's medical bills. This helped lay the foundation of the Sunday Best mission of giving back.

Payton's Story


Choose Happy